Steve Jobs: A Life Changing Biography By Walter Isaacson

The Steve Jobs biography starts from his childhood to become CEO of Apple. Walter Isaacson writes this book when he had forty interviews with Steve.

So lets start to Steve jobs Biography.

steve jobs biography

About Book

Steve was the biological son of John Jandali and Joanne Schieble but there are not approved to accept this relation. After that Steve get adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs.

Paul is a very creative man and he built his furniture. As the day passes Jobs meet Wozniak in high school, Wozniak was already a computer Technician and also five years older than Steve.

They both played together and make gadgets. Their first product was the “Blue Box” device which allowed to make the long-distance phone call for free in 1971.

Jobs also loved maths, science, and electronics. In 1972 Steve continue his studies but realized that creating amazing things is the most important thing in life than anything else.

Jobs spent 7 months in India studying Zen Buddhism, which becomes the core aspects of his personality. Jobs dropped out of college but he continues to take classes of self-improvement.

In 1976 Jobs and Wozniak founded Apple Computer with only $1,300 of capital. Jobs decided the name “Apple” because he visited an Apple farm on that day. He thought the name was fun and simple.

Mike Scott became president of Apple to attempt to keep Steve Jobs under control. Jobs never wanted to compromise on his perfectionism in favor of Scott’s instructions.

After that Steve Jobs develop more products and he proved himself. Steve believes that the principles of perfect thinking and thinking differently. Jobs always believed in the importance of marketing, and one of his favorite campaigns was the “Think Different” campaign.

Jobs’ cancer returned in the spring of 2008. He had to temporarily leave the company as well. Also, he transplants his liver for some reason which makes him weaker to deal with his disease and he decided to resign from the post of CEO.

Somehow his cancer returns in 2011 and he died. The future of technology also gets died with Jobs. Jobs reflected on his career, “I’ve had a very lucky career, a very lucky life.

I’ve done all that I can do.” Everyone can create their world by analyzing their inner voice and creativity.

Final Thoughts

The biography of Steve Jobs teaches that to achieve your dream you have to do all possible things to achieve it, and whatever may be the problem came you need to rescue yourself.

Steve jobs biography teaches us that whatever are the situation we need to go through it and not quieting to your dreams.

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