5 Books For Beginners To Read

  • The Blue Umbrella

This book is written by Ruskin Bond in 1980. This is short story of a girl who fall in loved with her blue umbrella and how she save her umbrella from all the obstacles. In this story its says that, the blue umbrella was stolen and girl is ready to find out her umbrella. It is a good book for beginners to read and language is also easy to understand.

  • To Kill A Mockingbird

Author Harper Lee write this book in 1960 and tell us about their view about his family. In this book he share his life story how he see the world at the age of six year old, how he get depressed from some things. This book also good for beginners because it teaches some life lessons.

  • In Custody

This book is written by Anita Desai who describe true meaning of life through this book. The character of this book searches for meaning of life. During searching this meaning how he learn new things, how he manage himself with our system. Another good book for beginners.

  • The God of Small Things

This is the story about two twins which are being separated by some family issues. Author Arundhati Roy describe that when family get separated , how it will affect on our children, from which things they have to gone. This story gives us a strong thinking of how we can solve our problems.

  • The Palace Of Illusions

Anyone who love mythology book then this book is good for that. It’s a story of Mahabharata from the view of Draupadi. This book give us tremendous experience of Mahabharata. This book allow us know how Draupadi see the things, how she manage all the relations and what she think about the great war. It’s completely different book and interesting book about the Palace of Illusions.

These are the 5 books for beginners which can help to increase readability,concentration and memory.

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