Looking for summer books to your children? Try these Books for children.

Summer is high season of juicy and gripping tells. It’s the perfect time to relax at the beach or by the pool and dive deeply into new book. As the days lengthen and temperature rise, celebrate the sunshine with these summer books about summer for kids.

1.Harry by the sea- By Gene Zion

Harry by the sea summer books

About book

Harry was a white dog with black spot who like everything about seashore except the hot sun. One day when the sun was hotter than ever, he looked for a shady place to sit. But when he tried to get under family beach umbrella it was too crowded and the family made him leave.

When he crawled into children’s sand castle, the wall falls and the children chase him away. Then he walked in the shade that a fat lady made, she became angry and made him stop following her.

The sun was very hot and harry had walked away a long from main beach. He was tired so he sat down at the water edges.

Suddenly a big wave came from behind and crashed right top of him and he completely covered with seaweed. He didn’t look like dog anymore, he look like sea monster.

The problem is everyone see him as a monster and he can’t find his family.

Can this misunderstanding will be clear before he’s captured? Will be he reunited with his family?

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The story teaches children about loss and what to do if they get lost. The story tells children that they should look for lost people and not be distracted like chewing a dog.

I would recommend this story as a part-time student because an adult can help a child understand the importance of what to do when they are lost.

The main character Harry can be used as a role model for children in what they should not do when they are lost.

2.The Little red Fort- By Brenda Maier

About book

This is a story about one girl called Ruby whose mind was always full of ideas. One day she found some boards and she decided to build fort.  She ask her brothers to help her but they nothing want to help her with her ambitious project.

They make fun of her, laughed at her and realized her that she doesn’t know how to build, indicates her that she can’t build that fort alone, also they are not willing to help her.

Ruby decided to do it alone and tell her brother that she can learn how to build.  She work her way. Through each step she asking them each time but they still are not interested.

With the help of her mother and father she manage to teach herself what she needs to know to accomplish her goal. She learn new things. She get confident at each step.

Last time she asked her brothers to get involved in her project but they denied to get involve. They give reason that they are busy and it’s not an interesting thing. Now finally she reach to the final step of building the fort.

Will Ruby build the fort or she give up? What she learn from this? Will she forgive her brothers?

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This story teaches us that all that wonderful people who have the urge to create something new and act on that. Even when people around them tell them that they don’t have the skill or doesn’t know how to build something, they do it anyway.

There is a message of self-sufficiency.

3. Goldfish on Vacation-By Sally Lloyd Jones

About book

Story is start in New York City with three children- H little, O and Baby Em stuck in apartment in summary days with their grandpa and their goldfish. While summers are time for relaxation, fun and vacation but the children who don’t have anywhere to go and stuck in their apartment.

The children are bored with their summer days until they see add of the fountain. It says that anyone with the goldfish should bring them soon for the goldfish to have a vacation. The fountain get cleaned and filled with fresh water and lilies.

It is lovely place for fish to relax and swim. The children are delighted to drop their fish. Neighbourhood children meet and play when they drop off their goldfish.

All the neighbored came to fountain with their goldfish and drop their fish in fountain. All children meet with each other and play more games. They forget about their fish and play with each other.

At the end of the day children go to pick up their fish again. How do the children find their own fish? Will they find their goldfish back?

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It is a fun story about goldfish. I like that it shows an exciting vacation. I also like community coming together through the children to share their goldfish.

The heart of the story is joy of children experience in setting their fish free in the fountain and the community that develop around them.

If you are looking for a story that’s different from other things you’ve read, give this one try.

4. The Sandcastle that Lola Built- By Megan Maynor

About book

It’s a day at beach and Lola decided to build a sandcastle with a tall, tall tower topped with sea glass to signal mermaids. When a boy accidentally steps on the tower, he finds himself helping Lola to rebuild.

A small boy with a digger truck, knocking their sandcastle down and he also find himself helping to rebuild. When Lola begins to collect her sand shells, she confronts another girl and they both lose their shells.

The girl find herself helping to rebuild and Lola got three new friends. But when a wave comes along and washes away their whole sandcastle. Lola is disappointed that all their work has been for nothing.

Will Lola and her friends willing to rebuild the sandcastle? Is that end of their sandcastle?

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It is a sweet engaging about a day at the seashore, emphasizes friendship and teamwork. Diverse group of kids together having fun.

Anyone who has ever taken kids to the beach known how easily a beach friend can be made only for one or two days and this beach tale has captured that transient friendship so well.

They work together as if they have been friends their whole lives. They found their own ways to come together and be accepting of each other and work together.

There is illustration of friendly and bright with a diverse cast of children who play together and other who fill the beach in the background. It is a great book with your feet in the sand.

I suggest to read this book and build sandcastle.

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