5 Amazing Self Help Books that change your way of Thinking

These books helps us to introduce ourselves with life. It motivate yourself and help to achieve things in life. Self Help books give us new way to see life and introduce our personality with us. There are 5 amazing books which change your thinking and your personality.

1. Who will cry when you die?

Who will cry when you die self help book

      About book

         When JB Gorge Burger Shaw take his last breathe then someone asked him what would you do if you get chance to live once again? He answered that I had like to be the person I could have been but never was.

Author Robin Sharma wants that it will never happen to us. Author asked one question in front of book that is ‘Who will cry when you die?’

  Once father of robin Sharma told that when you come in this world you are crying and everyone is happy.  Author says that when we leave this world we don’t have any regrets in our life and be a person that everyone remember us.

People should remember us for being a good person.  Time passes rapidly as days into weeks, weeks into months and months into year. All that time we live in regret.

In this book author give principle how to become a good person who makes everyone happy and make place in people’s heart.

  • Get Up Early

Author suggest that you should get up early, it is beautiful gift that we give to ourselves. First few hour of morning are very special. While get up early you can think all things that you want to do. With the help of this principle whole day is in your control.

  • See Your Troubles As Blessings

We human being always see our trouble but we didn’t see what we learn from this failure. We have to remember that pain is our teacher and failure is highway to success. Take failure as a blessings.

  • Get behind  people’s  eyeball

Everyone wants to love us, listen us, talk with us but nobody have time to listen our stories.

 If you listen someone story you connected with that person and take good place in that person heart. You should be good listener.

  • Decompress before you go home

When you come from your office, college, school we doesn’t give much time to our family.

Before you going to home give 10 min of break for ourselves. Author recommend that you have to spend time alone which help to remove stress.

Author Review

This book is one of best motivational and inspiring book. I like reading this book because it completely change my life. It give you the way to think about your life, live your life freely.

I personally recommend this book to read because it give importance of every word written on it. When I read this book I realized that my life actually changed. By following those principle you actually realized changes in your life.

It was easy to relate and easy to read because book has simple language and continuous flow of principles. I personally like Robin Sharma book and his book didn’t disappoint. This book give very important lesson to conduct a happy life.

This book is about teaching yourself. Language of this book is simple, engaging and impactful on readers mind. This book teach you all you need in life.

This is really a life changing book that teach you “the right way to live with all that you own.”

2. Rich dad poor dad

About book

  This is story of one person called Robert. When Robert is 9 year old his school friend scheduled on picnic and they not invited him because he is poor. Robert get hurt and he decided to be rich person.

Robert has two father one is his poor dad and second one is his friend rich dad.  He always influence by his second father and called him rich dad. His poor dad was teacher who is PHD and rich dad was businessman who pass 8th grade.

Robert think that both his dad has different perspective to live life. Poor dad says that do study more to get a job whereas rich dad says do study more to open your own company and give job to many persons.

Poor dad says ‘Don’t think about what you can’t afford’ whereas rich dad says ‘Think how you can earn money to afford it’. Robert understand all the perspective of both of his dad. He make compares his both dad thinking.

In this book author present 6 principle throughout this book. 

By understanding all these things Robert decided to follow rich dad. Will Robert take right decision to follow rich dad? Will he be rich?

Author View

I personally recommend this book because this book have distinct perspective to live a life. It gives a new way to live life. Most inspirational part of this book is author compares both fathers- their principles, ideas, financial aspects.

3.Think Grow and Rich

About Book

Think grow and rich is most successful life changing book that ever written. This book is written by one of the legend Nepoleon Hill who expected to change the life of many peoples. He researched for 20 years and take interview of more than 500 successful people.

In this life changing book you will observe that how riches begin with a state of mind, with new purpose.  Nepoleon hill give some 13 principle’s to think grow and become rich.

These principles are divided into Desire, Faith, Auto-suggestion, Knowledge, Imagination, Organized Planning, Decision, Persistence, the power of the master mind, the subconscious mind, the brain, transmutation.

Do you ever get these questions in your mind?

  • How to achieve goals?
  • Why are some people rich while others are poor?
  • How to think like successful people?

If you have these questions in your mind then find your answer in this book.

These principles improve your mental strength and help you to connect to infinite intelligence. Once you learn to adopt right things, you receive a drastic change in your life.

You can also learn to attract new things using the power of your mind.  You can attract anything that you desire.  

Author View

I consider this book a classic because it completely change my way of thinking. In this book you learn how to overcome your fear, know your weakness and use them as your power. It will give you some life changing lessons.

4.The Magic of thinking Big

About Book

Like many life changing books this book is one of them. This book is about thinking big. It helps people who go through small ambition, small goals, small thinking and rise in small dreams. All we can rise in our life by thinking around us and what we think about ourselves.

Why we are not thinking 10 times bigger? All this happens because of all around you is an environment that is trying to tug you, trying to pull you down. This book is all about how you can think big, big ideas.

People who think it cannot be done always be unsuccessful people and opinion of these people can be toxic. David J Schwartz gives some life changing lesson that improve your thinking power.

Lessons are-
  • Believe you can succeed
  • Stop making excuses
  • Build Confidence and destroy fear
  • Think and dream
  • You are what you think you are
  • Manage your environment
  • Think Right towards people
  • Make your attitude
  • Turn defeat into victory
  • Think like a leader

All these lesson shows the magic of thinking big. Each day ask yourself theses question like

 “How can I do better work today?” “What can I do today to encourage myself?” “How can I increase my efficiency?”

If you have all these questions then this book give all the solutions.

Author View

This is an inspirational book that I ever read. This book really a life changing book for everyone. It will teach you to think beyond some boundaries every day.  Book changed the way I look towards world and will remain a powerful reminder of great things.

This book give you a life changing message like “Think success, don’t think failure.”

If you need change in your life then this book definitely help you to change your life, you’re thinking and make believe in yourself. I recommend this book to everyone who want to live freely and think big. 

5.Conversation with God

About Book

“Conversation with god” tells the true story of Neale Donald Walsch. This story inspired and changed life of many people. This life changing books start after he unexpectedly breaks his neck in a car accident and losses his job.

He get stuck in life, he doesn’t realize what to do in life also asked many question to god. So he think that why this happened with me. While asking all these question to god he had conversation with god.

He talk many years with god and asked most of the question that might everyone asked. He had a conversation with god and wrote answer in his book. This life changing book has many question that everyone wanted to ask.

  • Talking with God
  • The form of God
  • About prayer
  • About hell

All these solution will help author to change life. This “conversation with god” highlights some of the conversation that author had with god.

Author view

This is another life changing book which I like most. This book is written in Question and answer format which actually feel conversation with god.

This book provide you with so many answer about religion, conversation with god and your own existence. It really has answer of your every questions.

Most lovable part of this book is when author wrote all his answers into this book, therefore by reading this book you actually fell that you having a conversation with god.

Believe it or not, god always been speaking to his people only some of them do not listen.

If you ever felt you want to talk to god so you can get some answer about your life and existence then I recommend to read this book.

After all everything in this universe is his.

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