4 Amazing Love Stories that make you believe in Love

I Too Had A Love Story- By Ravinder Singh

About Book

Story begins with reunion of four close friends Ravinder, Manpreet, Amardeep and Happy.They all studied in same college of engineering and sharing their experience with each other.

While enjoying topic of marriage is arises and happy suggested ravinder to register on shaddi.comAfter this conversation he meet a girl name Khushi.

They started talking with each other and share their likes and dislikes between them.Khushi used to come late from her work and Ravin cutely wait for moment to talk with her.

After few months they realized that they are falling in love with each other.They both spend beautiful moments with each other and also meet Khushi’s parents.

They decide to get married and meet their parents.

But for some reasons Ravin parents was not ready for marriage.Due to office work Ravin go to New York and after completing his work he go back to meet Khushi.

Suddenly just the day before the engagement Ravin got a call from Khushi’s parent and inform that Khushi meet with an accident

What will happened to Khushi?  Do love stories ever die?

Author View

This book is a simple but demanding story of Ravin and Khushi.

It’s a simple story but as you read this book you will see that the author has put his heart and soul into the book.

The book has seen the real feelings, Ravin’s simplicity of Khushi that really touches me.

Each feeling of being in love is beautifully described.

I always think that if this story had a happy ending it would have been similar to other books, but yes the author ‘Ravinder singh’ sets himself apart from this

It is a book that will make you believe in love.

“She died. I survived
because I survived. I die every day.”

2. Truly, Madly, Deeply- By Farraz Kazi

About Book

Rahul studies a grade higher than Seema in the same school.Rahul being a smart, insightful, confident, inspirational good girl for every girl in school.Seema is shy, intelligent and beautiful girl among her school.

They both fell in love with each other and their sweet romance continues for 10 months every day after school get over.Rahul finds it really hard for him to close Seema mind.

He fall in love with Seema as they say truly, madly and deeply.But there are some misunderstanding between the two and Seema parts her way away from Rahul.

Rahul get disturbed and he realized what he losses.He desperately want Seema back to his life.

By the time he realizes what he has lost, it’s too late.He takes strong steps to draw her back and bring her love back.

Will Rahul ever get back Seema? And will Seema ever realize how much Rahul loved her? Will all the misunderstandings between them get solved?

Author View

The story is kind of a guess but my favourite is the narrative that has kept it simple and kept busy throughout the novel. I loved it for its innocence and pure emotions.

The loveliest part in the novel is the last conversation between Rahul and Seema where he confesses his true love for Seema and says he would always want her to be happy.

The book is different from the kind of love you find reading these days.

It has love, enthusiasm, excitement, and its fun to watch a lot.

  “That night it did not rain as much in the sky as it did in his heart.”

3.Will You Still Love Me?- By Ravinder Singh

About Book

This is the story of a girl named Lavanya, a northeast girl and a boy named Rajveer, a Spanish grocer.Two people have ever met on a plane.

After that they parted from their ways and started on their chosen path, but their fate had decided something else for them.They had their bags changed for the future and started meeting again and again.

Eventually they realize that what they feel for each other is “Love”.So getting into each obstacle in the matter of their love is to grow their relationship more positively with each other.

When their love story finally started to follow and then Rajveer made a very big mistake.

Would the attacker have been forgiven for his mistake or paid for something very important to him? Because of that mistake will Lavnya still Love Rajveer?

Author View

I really like how well the author wrote their first encounter.The author raised the critical issue of Tracking Traffic Laws with this book

The most important message given in this book is knowing the rules and rules of the road.You may not see it today, but one day you will have paid the price for your tireless routine. “

The best part of reading books is you could able to see that nature creation.I have seen the beauty and awesome display of cute and lovely presence of nature with the lanes, greenery on both sides the narrow path up to a top

You will have goose bumps when you will go ahead with this book.

  “Love stories have a fair share of joy and sorrows.
 That’s what make them eventful”

4. Seven Days without You-  By Anmol Rana

About Book

This story is about two childhood friends called Vishwas Rana(Vishu) and his friend Shalija.Vishu resident of Dehradun is selected from the Delhi Company as a Software Engineer.

He left Dehradun leaving behind his family and best friend Shailja, who always felt angry and never saw him fit in his life.

During these seven days, Vishwas not only understood the true understanding of love and its separation from the mysterious.

His seven days without her did not happen the way he thought they would. His dreams were shattered, his hopes vanished and thoughts turned into bad dreams. All in all he saw and actually remembered Shailja in his life.

He got into jail, met stupid creatures to mess his life, and got ditched by a friend.

Fun, joy, excitement, sorrow, embarrassment and then love these Seven days teach him the perfect definition of every sentiment.

He realizes that life isn’t as simple as it looked from the balcony of his room.

The battle of emotions and confessions that lasts for seven days transform his years old relationship into something else. His heart overflows with the love.

Will Shalija still wait for him after these seven days?

What happened in those seven days that realized his love out of friendship?

Author View

I really enjoyed this story because there is innocence of love between them.I liked the plot and the characters as all the characters had their own story value.

Finishing was thought however the way we are presented is beautiful.Story is based out of very beautiful concept.

The story realized that value someone who care for you and who are with you which I really loved.

It is great message given through this book.

“I try to live without you.  Every time I do I feel dead”

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