5 Best Travel Books that will change the way to see the world

1.The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

The alchemist travel books

About Book

Alchemist means a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process. In this travel books a boy Santiago is a shepherd who believes that his sheep understand his language. He believes that there is some strong power  between them. He wanted to travel the world, follow his dreams.

So he follows his dream and goes to travel the world from Spain to Egypt. In this journey he learn about meaning of life and love. Did he really follow his dream?

What should be the obstacles while travelling from Spain to Egypt? Can he become Alchemist?

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I really influenced by this travel book because The Alchemist is a story about following your dreams. In our life everyone want to follow their dreams. In this travel book I learn how to face problems while following your dreams and not to let out your dreams.

On the way, I learns the meaning of love and life. This travel book is filled with wonderful inspirational quotes. A travel books about following your dreams and every traveler sure is a dreamer!

2.Around The World in 80 Days By Jules Verne

About Book

Phileas Fogg, a rich Englishman, lived in London. He got an French servant Passepartout. Fogg regularly goes to the club and one day he decided to travel the world in 80 days. Of course none of his companions believe he can do it. Still Fogg decided to go. Wager gives challenge that if he can do it he will give 20,000 pounds to him.

Passepartout is dedicated servent who tuly would do anything for Phileas Fogg. Along their travel journey they meet many peoples, some will be robber, and some will be enemies.  While in India they see a lovely women Aouda who going to sacrifices her life at her husband’s funeral.

Thanks to Passepartout thinking he saved Aouda life and take her with them. Will Phileas Fogg make it in time? What happened to Aouda?  Find out when you go around the world in eighty days.

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I personally love this travel books because it is full of adventure and mysterious. The most exciting part of this travel book is Can Fogg do in 80 days and in this journey which things happened with them, how Passepartout saves Aouda’s life.

To me, Passepartout character is most humble, most interesting and emotional. He is dedicated servant to Fogg which I really Like. In this travel book it tells us that be adventurous and take risk in life because it will make you become stronger person.

3. Treasure Island By Robert Louis Stevenson

About Book

Jim Hawkins helps his parent to run a seaside lodge called the Admiral Benbow. An old sea captain named Billy Bones becomes a boarder there. He get drunk and do arguments with other customer also told Jim to stay away from one legged man. He stay at that lodge and he had one box.

After some days blind man pew came to Billy who is friend of him and told about black Spot. When Billy saw that black spot he suddenly dies . From that incident Jim and his mother run out from there lodge with that box.

Jim got gold into that box with one island map. On that map there is treasure of Caption Flint. He thought that he cannot go alone on that island so that he get helped from their Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney.

So Jim got Team and they decided to travel for treasure with the help of Boat. In that there is one legged man called Long John Silver and at that time Jim think about the warning of Billy. Can Jim reach to that island? Can Jim created team is loyal with him? Why should Jim stay away from one legged man?

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For me this travel book is top on my list for adventure. All of us is found of some treasure and adventurous stories. I think the message of the book is loyalty even when Jim caption is not good with him.

I mostly love Jim character which describe that he is loyal with everyone when no one loyal with him.  The message of this is really helpful and nice in today’s era.

Jim care about his mother and also he wanted to run their lodge, this was the caring and loyal nature about Jim. Also the most interesting part of this travel books is I love that treasure journey which is more excited to read more.

4. Into the Wild By Jon Krakauer

About Book

Chrisstopher Mcandles  graduated from Emory University in 1990. Due to his father behaviour towards him he decided to leave his family. He destroy his credit, Id proofs and donate most of the money to Oxfarm.  After that he decided to travel the world and be alone. He get his Datsun 210 car and go for travel the world. He don’t say anything to his sister Carine and leave.

While travelling his car get stuck in flash Flood and unfortunately he leave his car. Then he take lift from people and change his identity called Alexander Supertrano. In September Mccandles reach to South Dakota and meet Wayne Westerberg. He get job at wayne but for some reasons Wayne get arrested and Mccandles leave the job. After that Mccandles decided to travel through Colardo River and reach to Mexico.  Because of some reason he walk to USA.

In December 1991 he meet Tracy Tatro who is teenage girl which is interested in him. But he refuse to interest them because she is teenager. After one month he travel to Alaska and he meet Ronz Franz who lost his family in car accident. Franz work in leather shop company and he teaches Mccandles  to sew leather belt.

Mccandles sew a leather belt and in that belt he draw overall journey of his life. After that he decided to go Alaska. After four months he leaves in bus. In 1992 Mccandles found dead in that bus. What was exactly happen with Mccandles? What should he learn with this journey? Can Mccandles is really happy to being alone?

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Into the wild is one of my favourite travel books because it gives most important life lesson. Author describe every character and their life in an amazing way.

Also author put his own life experience into that travel book also it describe son and father relationship which is most interesting part of this travel book. Chris started his journey to being alone and fined some answer of his own unanswered questions of life.

For me it was best travel books that I read it out because it shows power of nature and some interesting facts about life. He wrote with description and detail that made the travel books very interesting and allowed the reader to feel and visualize the many events in Chris’s decision to leave life as he knew it and go off on his own.

Anyone who has ever been interested in venturing out on their own, to live in nature, leaving society behind, to fend for themselves and make it on their own without modern conveniences would enjoy this travel books.

It really made me think about what it would take mentally and emotionally.

5.Call of the Wild By Jack London

About Book

This is the story about dog named Buck. Buck is huge four year old shepherd dog who lives in beautiful house with family in California. Buck leads a comfortable life in California but it come soon to end.

People discover gold in the region of California and they need strong dog to pull sleds. Buck is kidnapped and sold to dog traders. He needs to learn how to survive in harsh conditions of Alaska. He has to learn how to pull sled with the member of dogs.

Buck needs to learn how to find food and how to sleep in snow and other dogs get beaten and overworked by their owner. He became involved with powerful dog called Spitz and they end up with fighting. In this fighting buck wins. Buck takes as a leader of sled dog team

After some months buck get sold to another owner who works the dog even harder. However buck sold again to three gold hunter who know how to survive in north. The dog begin to starve and one by one they die.

Will buck survive? Can he get rescued? Will he go home to his family or stay in the wilderness?

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I especially love this travel book because I am dog lover and no one is loyal like dog. This story is about Dog called buck but inside this it is more related with human nature and situations that can also come in human’s life. His story teaches me that all day is not same. So in that situation how can we face it or survive it.

In this story buck leaving a luxurious life and suddenly he get pulled into worst situation. When he meet with other dog and human he realized and learns about life facts.

But the best part of this travel book buck doesn’t give up in any situation. He is always ready to learn and deal with new things.  This travel story realized that if dog can do such things to survive in bad conditions they why not humans.

I would suggest read this travel book because while you reading this travel book buck is relatable to any character that any person can understand the struggle of buck goes through. Its relatable to anger, fear and emotions.

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